‘I prefer the juice of the daughter of the ear of corn above the blood of the grapes.’

Emperor Karel (1500-1558) after Old Mechelen Chronicles

Regular beers

The regular beers in our versatile range are the beers that have acquired a permanent position on our beer list. Always fresh and in stock!


*New !

An IPA with triple dry-hopping. Fruity, juicy and enough bitternes to be a true IPA. The full-malt body provides sufficient backbone to carry 60 IBU's. 7 % Alcohol by volume gives plenty of punch to this dark blond beer. The complexity is in the balans between sweet, dry-bitter , fruity and spicy. This beer in in  development to try to put a hold to the hegemony of the USA brewers in the field of IPA brewing. To be continued...


Light blonde, intensly hopped beer with dry-hopping, 6% vol.

Belle Fleur is a fresh, hoppy and thirst-quenching beer, with pronounced citrus / floral flavors. A bitter and aromatic beer for the enthusiast who is looking for the rich smell and taste of fresh hops. In terms of alcohol it is a lighter version of this beer style that is growing strongly in popularity. Very accessible and tasty, delicious on a sunny terrace.

Fine as an aperitif or with spicy food.

Style: India Pale Ale


Warm amber coloured smokey beer with high fermentation, 6.5% vol.

Bravoure takes its smoke flavor from a good dose of “Bamberg Rauchmalz” smoked with beech wood. The subtle smokey aspects combine very well with the slightly sweet caramel notes of the ‘Cara-Munich malt. This results in a balanced smoky beer with a subtle caramel flavor.
Ideal with smoked meats and barbecue.

Style: Smoke Beer


A classic dry stout of 7% vol alcohol, brewed with smoked wheat malt and flavored with fresh vanilla.

Charbon is a beer with contradictions: the roasted flavors work together with the smoke flavor from oak-smoked wheat malt to give a good dose of pit with the beer. On the other hand the customized extract of fresh vanilla gives us a mild soft and subtle touch in the beer. The combination provides a thrilling Stout on which the antithetical taste nevertheless ensures a harmonious and balanced whole.

Charbon combines well with creamy, soft cheeses.

Style: Smoked Vanilla Stout

Crime Passionnel

An original wheat IPA with a spicy / creamy aftertaste, and many tropical fruits from the used hops. 7.5% vol.

Crime Passionnel is, both for the Weizen-style and IPA lovers, a true adventure. A real wheat beer with 45% wheat malt and spicy German Saphir hops. The difference lies in the type of yeast used and the dry-hopping with US, New Zealand and English hops. Read more in the technical sheet.

Crime Pasionnal is a self-contained delicacy.

Style: Wheat India Pale Ale


An intense heavy dark beer with 9% vol.

Embrasse is a heavy dark beer that is perfectly in between a heavy dark Abbey / Trappist beer and a Stout / Porter. The beer combines roasted malt and coffee / chocolate aspects with a pleasantly light fruitiness of dried subtropical fruits. Bittersweet flavors go together with a pronounced creamy mouthfeel and make drinking this beer to an exceptional delight for lovers of heavy dark beers.

Pleasant with a traditional cheese & sausage board / selection of hard piquant cheese.

Style: Abbey / Stout / Porter


A heavy, copper colored, bittersweet and extreme hopped beer.

Extase is a Double IPA with a blend of fourteen excellent hops, very intense and with a balanced character. The slight sweetness of the malt sugars and the alcohol complement the bitterness of the beer. Extase does up to its name with its extreme hoppiness (over 100 IBU). A beer with stratification: because of the diversity of hops the beer tastes something differently with the gradual warming by every sip. A delight for every ‘hophead’.

Extase is delicious with spicy exotic dishes.

Style: Imperial India Pale Ale


Finesse is a soft three triple-grain with barley, wheat and rye malt, with a slightly sweet, spicy hoppiness. 8.5% vol.

Style: Triple


Accessible spicy blonde beer of only 5.5% vol.

Noblesse is a noble blond high fermentation beer. Referred to as “transition beer” for those people who are seasoned lager drinkers, but now like to try something different. The fresh hoppiness and drinkability lends the beer as an excellent aperitif beer. Thirst-quenching, with a spicy aftertaste and a sweet aftertaste.

Noblesse tastes great with fish and shellfish.

Style: Kölsch / Bitter / Blonde

Passe Partout

Rich-tasting, low alcoholic lager, bitter and dry with a citrus-like fruitiness.

Passe Partout belongs to a new generation of low-alcoholic beers with great taste. Not only the use of richly used, excellent hops from America and New Zealand, but also the use of malt with low efficiency, provides the full mouthfeel and freshness. The perfect thirst quenching beer after work.

Style: Session IPA

Sans Pardon

Classic heavy bittersweet ‘Imperial Stout’ with a touch of ‘Rooibos’, 11% vol.

Sans Pardon is one of the toughest full malt beers from the brewery. Black as the night, with a creamy head. The high alcohol content complements the coffee and chocolate aspects in the beer. The ‘Rooibos’ gives the beer that extra touch of fruitiness. Sans Pardon the tastiest.

Sans Pardon tastes delicious with spicy hard cheeses.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Nouveau Riche 

A fresh and tastefull White beer with rosemary, 6,2 % vol

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Nouveau RicheĀ  kopie

A fresh and tastefull White beer with rosemary, 6,2 % vol

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